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Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013

19th Edition 6- 16 july   has already started in Amsterdam with different fun activities.
This past weekend you could see some things about a fashion pop-up catwalk, workshops, dancing and more.

Also I go to this 19th edition of AFW and I am so very happy and very excited, what can I expect, who will I meet but the most important thing what am I going to wear. I go to one show but I would like to more, maybe in the future.

18h00: Fashion Week Opening Night
19h00: Colgate presents SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers, Catwalk, Gashouder
20h00: S/S14BY21 iNDiViDUALS by AMFI, Performance, Transformatorhuis
21h00: Vodafone presents MaryMe-JimmyPaul, Catwalk, Gashouder

13h00: ST. Girls, Catwalk, Gashouder
14h00: Armand Michiels Franzel Amsterdam, Fashion LAB, Transformatorhuis
15h30: Discover Fashion Talent with Starbucks Discoveries®, Fashion LAB, Westerliefde
17h00: Mevan Kaluarachchi, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
18h00: Volvo Cars presents Claes Iversen, Catwalk, Gashouder
20h00: FREDFARROWBRITTAVELONTAN, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
21h00: Marga Weimans, Catwalk, Gashouder

14h00: Dido Yland Rebecca Ward, Fashion LAB, Transformatorhuis
15h00: 2LOVE TONYCOHEN, Catwalk, Gashouder
17h00: NATA RYZH, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
18h00: L’Oréal Professionnel presents DEFILÉ TONYCOHEN, Catwalk, Gashouder
20h00: DORHOUT MEES, Fashion Lab PRO,Transformatorhuis
21h00: Vibrant Pakistan, Catwalk, Gashouder

14h00: Jose Francisco Ramos Alla Kuzmyk, Fashion LAB, Transformatorhuis
17h00: MELISSA SIEGRIST, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
18h00: FRANCISCO VAN BENTHUM, Catwalk,Gashouder
20h00: Bobbi Eden presents Nieuw Jurk, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
21h00: ANNE DE GRIJFF, Catwalk, Gashouder

15h00: Maybelline presents ByDanie,Catwalk, Gashouder
16h00: Allan Vos, Fashion Lab PRO, Transformatorhuis
17h00: Grazia presents Winde Rienstra, Catwalk, Gashouder
19h00: COLD METHOD, Catwalk, Transformatorhuis
20h00: Lichting supported by G-Star RAW, Catwalk, Gashouder

Have you ever been to Fashion Week or do you also to AFW?
Tell me about and maybe we can meet together...

♥ Annemieke


  1. Ik wil echt graag en was uitgenodigd voor de Spijkers & Spijkers show, maar ik kan helaas niet :(

    Xx Alex


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