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How to wear : 6 x The denim short

I show you some different looks to see how I can combine my denim shorts with items from my wardrobe.
Five different looks during the spring and summer can be wear.
Perfect for the beach, city, festival or party!
I also found some different looks to show how other people wear denim shorts. Always useful!
Mix and Match.
Sorry for the bad photo's.! Do you have a tip: Wich camera is good!

Interior design

Since I'm ready to a own house, I am looking for the perfect stuff.
For some time I am looking for a nice ideas how I want to decorate my house.
There is so much fun and beauty stuff. I don't know what I want..!
I really like this style! Brocante and vintage.warm colors, soft lavender, aubergine colors, rural = landelijk .
And you ? Do you like this style and and what does your house look like.

Inspiration : pastel details

Sweet dreaming for the lovely and beautiful spring♥

Q and A By Ann

20 + Fashion-LadyLovely : Annemieke

Crazy, Crazy Ann ♥ Kiss
Denim and Black 24/7

My style: Sturdy and female
My favorite style: Daytime is that a good pair of jeans with a simple shirt, sturdy boots or good sneakers, bag, and bold accessories.
Shopping: I prefer only so then I have plenty of time. Or I go with my friend, sister or girlfriends. I like to buy at H & M, River Island, Zara, Supertrash, Mango or some webshops. I also browse flea markets, vintage stores or boutiques.
Favorite shopcity: Amsterdam and Antwerpen
Trends: I enjoy reading many Dutch magazines like Voque, Elle, Jackie, Glamour and sometimes Grazia. Twice a year I buy the French Voque Collection and English Elle Collection. I let myself be inspired by fashion sites, fashion blogs and what I see on the street.
Spring/Summer: Then wearing my favorite color. Lots of color, a pretty tank top, denim shorts and sandals
Fall / Winter: Often I wear black, brown, gray, say earth tones with a color to the outfit there n…

What's in my bag !

Many women have one or more then one..
The handbag
Women and their handbag, women carry so much stuff in their bag itself and I must believe in it.
It's ridiculous, how heavy a bag can be and what kind of mess it is in a bag ..
Do we really need all that stuff? With such a heavy bag every enemy you can give a good blow!
That is 1 of the benefits, another advantage is that it is the outfit of the woman finish ... a good bag, what size, color or type it may be ..

This is 1 of my favorite handbags, Roomy / large, fashionable and stylish ... This beautiful vintage-birkin-bag-look-like-of-the-flea-of-really-leader-in-Italy. .

Vele vrouwen hebben er 1 of zelf meerdere lievelingetjes die ze vaak gebruiken..!
De handtas
Vrouwen en hun handtas, vrouwen sjouwen zoveel spullen mee in hun tas en zelf ik moet er aan geloven.
Het is te gek voor woorden, hoe zwaar een tas kan zijn en wat voor zooitje het is in een tas..
Hebben wij al die spullen daadwerkelijk nodig? Met zo'n zwar…

Outfit: Flowers in Black

Event:12 april 2012,Onthulling vd limited edition Coca Cola Light collection By Jean Paul Gaultier in De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Onlangs kreeg ik een email dat ik was uitgenodigd voor de onthulling van speciale Coca Cola flesjes.

Outfit: New stuff

Hello sweety's
Did you have a nice weekend? And what have you done? Fun things to do, dancing, a lot of eating or shopping. I got together with my boyfriend. We have done a lot of fun things, He has delicious cooked for me. and it was shopping time, I bought the mintgreen- blouse and hair cuff. ( H&M € 9.95 and € 3.95) The other things I've bought a few weeks ago.

Outfit: DIY-Blouse

Dutch: Wat heb je nodig: Boyfriend blouse, schaar, lijm, glitterlint/riem, veiligsspeltjes
Hoe moet je dit maken: Knip de mouwen tot de naad af. Maak de veiligheidsspeltjes vast aan de rand van het zakje, ( de kant dat open is). Knoop de blouse open en leg deze plat op de grond. Doe lijm op de glitterriem en op de kraag en plak vervolgens de glitterriem op de kraag vast. Teveel aan glitterriem knip je af.

Englisch: What do you need: Boyfriend blouse, scissors, glue, glitterbelt, safety pins
How to make this: Cut the sleeves off. Create the pins stuck to the edge of the pouch, (the side that is open). Make the blouse open and place this on the ground Do glue on the glitterbelt and the collar of the blouse, paste the glitterbelt on the collar. Too many glitterbelt you cut off.

Outfit: Boyfriend- Issue