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Music Favourites

I let you see in my Music Favorites the songs where I to listen at the moment,
where I prefer to dance and 
the songs that I find completely too crazy

If you hear the songs pretend you're in a club
and turn the volume.!

I love Latin, Urban, R&B and Dutch music...
What music style you like

So listen and go dancing♥

Summer vibe @ Gusttavo Lima : Balada..
I love this song,,I feel the summer vibe ♥

Slow with the boyfriend/girl
Lil'Wayne and Bruna Mars : Mirror

Summer vibe once again
Shakira : Loca (Spanish version)

Good urban-dance
Usher: Scream


  1. de bovenste en de laatste vind ik gaaf! ik heb er ook een zomergevoel bij :)

  2. shakira met loca:D
    hou ervan
    ik volg je nu!

    New outfit post - Sun is up

  3. Lovely playlist!

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  4. love shakira <3 im your newest follower dear


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