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Magazine diary

Yesterday came my new glamour in the letterbox.
I am a magazine freak. I read a lot of dutch fashion magazines. 
My favorites are, Elle, Glamour, Jackie and Voque.
Sometimes I read the grazia and twice a year I buy the France Voque and British Elle Collection.

 These are my magazines that I've bought in 2012

 In the glamour of June, on the last page a fun action.
Ony available in the Netherlands. 
At the Dutch voque you get a bag designed by Piet Paris.

What bag do you like best? 
I like number 2 and 3 but a little bit 4 hihi...♥

Tell me!
What are you favourites magazines?...♥

Check an old blogpost about my obsession- fashionmagazines.


  1. ok. you are definitely worst or whatever... :D than me!


  2. Hihi, ik ben ook zo'n magazine addict ^^ xoxo

  3. Ik hou van tijdschriften!
    'k Ga je volgen (of deed ik dat al?)

  4. i Like them all:)
    ik vind ze super!!

    New outfit post; Zara flower pants


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